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More financial incentives for cleaner, smarter, sustainable transport

Press Release 24 MARCH 2023:

Transport Malta has launched another eight grants encouraging cleaner and more sustainable transport, as well as alternative modes of transport.

Minister for Transport Aaron Farrugia explained that this year, a total of around €26 million in grants will be made available to the general public. This includes the EU-funded scheme announced earlier this week, and makes it the largest package of transport financial incentives in the form of grants to promote greener and sustainable transport.

“The objective of this investment is to instigate a wider shift towards more efficient mobility and to reduce emissions from the road transport sector in Malta by promoting the uptake of alternative forms of transport, smaller vehicles, and electric vehicles in the private sector and the commercial sector. These grants are a demonstration of a commitment to continue making a difference to achieve our main goal of working diligently on alternative transport,” Farrugia said.

Transport Malta is once again offering more financial incentives to Maltese motorists to make use of more sustainable and efficient means of transport, and encouraging vehicle owners to purchase new, low emission and more environmentally friendly vehicles, or convert their current vehicle to a cleaner one.

The incentives include:

  • Purchase of new and used plug-in electric vehicles and used electric vehicles;
  • Purchase of new Category L vehicles including petrol bicycles and motorbikes;
  • Retrofitting of dual fuel systems on heavy-duty vehicles with diesel engines and a scheme to incentivise auto gas-powered vehicles;
  • Purchase of wheelchair-accessible vehicles to be used for the transport of passengers for hire or reward;
  • Installation of approved photo-voltaic panels on passenger transport vehicles;
  • Retrofitting of vehicles with the DPF and SCR Technology;
  • Repowering of vehicles and motorcycles with an electric drive train.

The grants will apply retroactively from 1st January 2023; accessible on until 31st December 2023.

Transport Malta’s Chief Officer for Land Transport Pierre Montebello said that as a transport regulator in our country, Transport Malta is committed to offer more opportunities to promote better and more environmentally sustainable transport. “We launched these schemes precisely for this reason, and together with other initiatives such as free public transport, Transport Malta is ensuring that we have cleaner, more efficient and sustainable transport in our country," Montebello added.

For more information about these scheme, follow this link.

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