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Transport Malta Notes Accident-Free Festive Season

Press Release 1 JANUARY 2024:

Transport Malta is pleased to announce that the recent festive season in Malta concluded without any reported traffic accidents. This positive outcome can be attributed to the heightened presence of Transport Malta enforcement officers on the roads and the success of the educational initiatives implemented by the authority.

The increased vigilance of Transport Malta enforcement officers played a crucial role in maintaining road safety during the festivities. Their proactive approach and unwavering commitment to ensuring compliance with traffic regulations made a significant contribution to the accident-free period.

Transport Malta’s ongoing efforts in educating the public on responsible driving habits have evidently yielded positive results. The combination of enforcement measures and educational campaigns has fostered a safer driving environment, resulting in a joyous and incident-free celebration.

Mr. Jonathan Borg, CEO of Transport Malta, expressed his satisfaction with this achievement, stating that the positive impact of these initiatives should serve as a reminder to all road users to maintain safe and responsible driving habits throughout the year. Transport Malta encourages all road users to continue practicing safe and responsible driving habits, emphasizing the importance of collective efforts to ensure road safety. The authority remains committed to fostering a culture of compliance and responsibility on Malta’s roads.

In conclusion, Transport Malta’s successful management of the festive season on Malta’s roads is a testament to the authority’s unwavering commitment to ensuring road safety. The collaborative efforts of enforcement officers and educational campaigns have resulted in a safer driving environment, and it is essential for all road users to continue to work together to maintain this positive outcome.



















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