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Transport Malta ramping up enforcement on escooters

Press Release 18 JANUARY 2023:

Transport Malta ramping up enforcement on escooters

• 137 escooters were confiscated in a number of localities.

As from January 2023, Transport Malta was given the authority via a legal notice to start carrying out
enforcement on the use of escooters. This affects both commercial operators and also private persons.
Over the last few weeks, enforcement officers within Transport Malta have carried out several
enforcement operations around Malta, including St Julian’s, Sliema, St Paul’s bay, and Gzira among
others, with a special attention to localities where there is a strong use of these vehicles, in order to
ensure that they are observing all traffic regulations.

During these operations a total of 137 e-scooters were confiscated for various reasons, including an
expired license or license not attached to the vehicle, failure to register the vehicle with the Authority
and even vehicles without a valid insurance policy. Operations of this kind will continue to be carried
out in the coming days in order to ensure that the operation of these e-scooters is regulated as

Patrick Pollacco, Director of Enforcement within Transport Malta said that the Authority is committed
to being more vigilant in enforcement by strengthening its presence on our roads. These escooters are
being confiscated when these vehicles are not observing any existing traffic regulation. "I appeal to
drivers to be responsible and observe the driving regulations", said Mr. Pollacco.

Transport Malta encourages everyone who owns this type of vehicle to comply with the current laws
of the country and observe traffic laws while using these e-scooters. The use of these vehicles must be
done in full compliance with the laws of the country so that there are no risks on the life of the driver
nor on the people around them.

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