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Coronavirus: Precautionary Measures – Commercial Vessels and Water Sports

Press Release 12 JUNE 2020:

COVID-19 Precautionary Measures – Commercial Vessels and Water Sports

Reference is being made to the Authority’s recent communications in respect of commercial vessels and water sports operations.

Further to the ease of precautionary measures and restrictions as announced by the Government and Health Authorities,

Commercial Vessels and Water Sports Operators may, under the current circumstances, operate under the following guidelines and instructions,

as issued by the Health Authorities, mainly:

The maximum number of persons that can be on board a commercial passenger vessel or chartered yacht is 75 inclusive of crew subject to compliance

with COVID-19 Transitioning – Obligatory Conditions and Guidelines for Bars, Clubs, and Similar Establishments.

Operators are to refer to the following link

Water sports outlets, self-drive boats, jetskis (normally taking 2 persons), paddle boats and towables such as tubes, sofas etc. are permitted to operate as per the respective CVC and WSOL conditions (individual groups)

The Authority recommends that Operators are to seek the necessary clearances from the Health Authorities for any other applicable measures and directions that might be given, and should also be guided by the respective Legal Notices regarding COVID-19 which are being issued by the Superintendent for Public Health.

Commercial Vessels

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