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Public Service Garage Reform

5 SEPTEMBER 2019: 12:00 PM

The Authority for Transport in Malta regulates the registration and licensing of garage hire (chauffeur-driven) vehicles, vehicles for hire or lease, and operators of such vehicles under one licensing regime termed the Public Service Garage (PSG) Permit System. The fast changing trends, coupled by a lack of clear, consistent and enforceable rules has left the Authority unable to properly regulate this sector in the best interest of passengers and operators alike and has given rise to abuse by certain operators and customer complaints.

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Therefore, these regulations set forth the aim to streamline and raise the standards and regulation of this sector to the level of other passenger transport sectors that have already been reformed by the Authority and which are regularly updated. In order to properly achieve these aims, it is strongly felt that the regulation of chauffeur-driven services should be separated from that of vehicle rental and leasing (self drive) services.

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