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Transport Malta Launches New Financial Incentive to Promote Sustainable Transport Solutions

Press Release 1 MARCH 2024:


In a bid to further promote cleaner and more sustainable transportation options, Transport Malta, in collaboration with the Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Public Works, is pleased to announce the launch of a new financial incentive program. This initiative aims to encourage the adoption of zero-emission vehicles and reduce emissions from the road transport sector in Malta.
Following the decision announced on October 19, 2023, regarding the discontinuation of e-kick scooters available for rental, Transport Malta remains committed to supporting environmentally friendly modes of transport. While rental e-kick scooters are no longer permitted on the road, the use of private e-kick scooters will continue to be allowed under existing regulations and is encouraged as an alternative mode of transportation.

As of today, individuals who purchase a new e-kick scooter for personal use and register it with Transport Malta will be eligible to apply for a financial incentive of €150. This incentive is aimed at promoting the adoption of zero-emission, environmentally friendly transportation options among the public.

Applications for the grant are available and can be obtained from Transport Malta offices or accessed online via the Transport Malta website at Completed applications must be submitted either by hand or by post to any of our Transport Malta offices located in Lija, Paola, or Gozo.

The overarching goal of this investment is to encourage a broader transition towards electric mobility and reduce emissions from the transportation sector. By incentivizing the purchase of zero-emission vehicles, we aim to contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable environment for all residents of Malta.

This new grant, along with other initiatives already implemented, underscores the commitment of the Maltese government to promoting environmentally friendly policies and making a tangible difference in the field of alternative transportation.

For more information on the grant program and how to apply, please visit the Transport Malta website or contact our offices directly.



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