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Malta's Ship Registry in the top 20 white-listed Paris MOU Registries

31 JULY 2020:

The Paris MOU white list shows the fleets registered under the Maltese flag and can be used to determine the technical performance of these mercantile fleets. The same list is used to assess the Ship Risk Profile during inspections to check for conformity with international conventions in terms of security, pollution prevention and work conditions for crew members.

The Maltese Registry has also achieved good recognition in the Tokyo MOU (Asiatic ports) and America.

For the first time in the history of the Maltese Flag, Malta has registered a detention rate of less than 2%. This is the result of hard work from the Maltese Government and Transport Malta which are displaying political strength and good investment in it’s workers, technology and good communication with the industry. The government’s strategy to continue growing in terms of registry quality is turning out to be fruitful.

The Maltese fleet was one of the most inspectioned in the past few years, with more than 4,600 inspections in a span of 3 years, and only a few more than 100 ships being held due to insufficiencies.

All this confirms and adds to the quality, reputation and confidence in the Maltese Registry.

Thanks to this result, more ships and quality companies will choose the Maltese Registry. We are confident that we can continue good politics in cooperation with the industry.

This result was achieved as we continued to register more positive results in the amount of newly registered ships under the Maltese flag. In the last seven years, the Maltese Registry has nearly doubled the tonnage registered. In 2012, slightly more than 42 million tonnes were registered, which increased to 83 million tonnes by the end of 2019.

The ships being registered recently are among the best and most modern in the world, taking care to monitor their environmental impact and reduce pollution.

In 2019 alone, we registered more than 7% of the precedent year, during a time when the industry was going through difficult period.

There was also a 7% increase in the registration of superyachts, resulting in more than 800 registered yachts. In the first six months of 2020, there were already more than 30 superyachts registered (equaling to a total of 837 registered superyachts) with encouragingly positive prospectives.

These results also increased income by 13%, which means that the authority alone brought in more than €22m which can be invested in projects concerning Maltese and Gozitan citizens!

This industry also generates more than 14% of the Maltese GDP which also shows how the Maritime industry is a central and important strategy for our country. This industry also generates many jobs for our citizens.

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