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Micromobility in the Maltese Transport System

Press Release 2 SEPTEMBER 2019: 09:00 AM

Micromobility in the Maltese Transport System

Preliminary Abridged Guidelines for the Regulation of Micromobility Class

 This Policy Document addresses the recent take up of Micromobility technologies, particularly e-kickscooters which are being placed on the market and their popular use throughout major cities worldwide, including in Malta. Currently at an EU level there isn’t any regulatory framework in place and each country/ city is drawing up its own regulatory framework as they see fit and according to their particular specificities.


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Although the e-kickscooter is a suitable means of transport for last-mile trips or short journeys and hence can be regarded as a convenient way to travel, and therefore can be regarded as alternative to car use, it does carry a high safety risk factor when being driven on open roads and other urban areas, particularly to the users themselves and pedestrians.

In this regard, Transport Malta is launching a new set of mandatory guidelines and a regulatory framework for both individual use of e-kickscooters as well as for would-be, e-kickscooter sharing service operators, that would need to be followed.

Such guidelines include, locations where such scooters can be driven, who can drive them, registration and licences as well as speed limits to be used. A new enforcement regime is also going to be introduced to address as much as possible, road safety.


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