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Coronavirus: Amendments to legal notice closing down VRT Stations

Press Release 31 MARCH 2020:

The Legal Notice number 90 of 2020, published by the Superintendent for Public Health, in relation to the closure of VRT stations, has been amended.

The new amendments allow VRT stations to perform tests in some cases, those which do not befall under the automatic annual licence extension. VRT stations can thus perform tests on the following vehicles:

  1. imported used motor vehicles that require a VRT test to be registered in Malta for the first time;
  2. motor vehicles that were garaged before the 20th March 2020 and whose owners require new registration plates and the renewal of the vehicle’s licence;
  3. motor vehicles whose annual circulation licence expired before the 20th March 2020, that require a VRT test, but whose licence was not renewed.
  4. motor vehicles that require a VRT certificate before being transferred to third parties.

In all the above cases, the affected owners must book an appointment with one of the approved VRT stations. One can find the updated list of these stations on Transport Malta’s website by following this link

Transport Malta is also informing the public that the decision to suspend driving lessons is being revoked with immediate effect. Driving lessons can resume but with added restrictive and enforced prevention measures which were announced a few days ago.


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