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Creative Kids' Competition

30 APRIL 2020:

Creative Kids’ Competition

Kids up to 12 years old are eligible for the competition. The Kids can paint a picture, create a collage or a sculpture on any material. The theme of the competition is stay safe and the work can reflect either on the current Covid-19 situation or on staying safe on the road. One of the parents or guardians can take a picture of the work, upload it on Facebook and put the following in the comment - @transportmalta - #tmstaysafe

The work with the biggest number of reactions, be they likes, ‘sad’, ’loves’, or ‘laughs’, on Monday 1st June at 12:00, will be declared the winner. The works with the second and third most reactions will be declared the runner up and the second runner up respectively. TM reserves the right to disqualify any work for different reasons. The work might be inappropriate, be considered ‘not in theme’, or receiving too much adult help. TM’s decision will be final.

There is no limit to the amount of entries one can post.

The winner will receive €350, the runner up will receive €250 while the second runner up will receive €100, all in art and craft supplies.


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