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Coronavirus: Certificate, Licence and Registration renewals for commercial vessels

19 JUNE 2020:

To: All Commercial Vessel and Water Sports Operators

Re: Additional Measures - Commercial Vessels Certification and Licensing - Renewals

The press release issued on 23 Mar 2020 refers.

Due to the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, the Authority had temporarily authorised the extension and validity of the following certification, licensing and registrations:

  • Commercial Vessel Certificates (CVC)
  • Commercial Vessel Operators Licences (CVOL)
  • Water Sports Operators Licences (WSOL)
  • Registration of Small Ships
  • Mooring Permits
  • Nautical Licences and Certificates of Competency as applicable.

Further to the recent lifting of precautionary measures and restrictions as announced by the Government and the Health Authorities, the Authority is requesting all operators and individuals, to regularise their position and renew their respective certificates, licences and registrations as follows:

Certificates, Licences and Registrations

expiring in are to be renewed in
March July
April August
May September
June October

As per below communication, the extended validity period after the expiry date is to be settled upon renewal.

Commercial Vessels

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