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To provide the Permanent Traffic Management Policy and Guidelines for residential, arterial and distribution roads, containing policy statements and technical guidelines with the aim of improving road safety.

The main objective is to ensure the proper administration and management of traffic and the administration thereof. The primary function of the Research and Development Unit is to grant, refuse, suspend or revoke authorisation, and to establish the conditions under which such authorisation may be granted, refused, suspended or revoked.

In carrying out its functions under the Authority for Transport In Malta Cap.499, the Research and Development Unit shall ensure that activities conform to the aims and objectives of Act XV of 2009 as amended.


Authority For Transport In Malta Act Cap.499
Traffic Signs and Carriageway Markings Regulations Subsidiary Legislation 65.05.
Motor Vehicles Regulations Subsidiary Legislation 65.11.
New Roads and Road Works Regulations Subsidiary Legislation 499.57.
Controlled Parking Schemes (Residents and Commercial) Regulations Subsidiary Legislation 363.80.


To all Citizens, Local Councils, School authorities, Department of Education, Board for Reserved Parking for Disabled and Regional Committees. 


The below forms are categorized by type of permit, with the necessary details and attachments for every individual form embedded therein. Details also include submission contact information. Kindly ensure that all attachments specfiied in the selected form are correct and attached with the submitted application.  

Application for Access Restrictions (One Way - Pedestrian Zone - No Entry for Heavy Vehicles - Other Restrictions)

Application for Line Markings

Application for Unimpeded Access to Garages

Chapter 07                                                                                                                                                                              Policy for different types of parking bays can be downloaded from here

Parking Drawings can be downloaded from here                                                      

Online Application (e-form) for the below different parking bays can be accessed from here 
- General On-street Parking Bays;
- Reserved Parking Bays;
- Un/loading Bays;
- Alighting/Boarding Bays;
- Keep Clear Bays;
- Electric Vehicle (EV) Bays;
- Coastal Areas;
- Non-Motorised Vehicles;
- Prohibitions.

Chapter 16
Application for Vehicle/Pedestrian Protective Measures & Other Furniture Guidelines can be downloaded from HERE
Application Form can be downloaded from HERE

Application for Speed Limit

Application for Traffic Calming Measures

Application for Road Hump

Application for Pedestrian Crossing