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Car Park Attendants

Scheduled Car Parking Sites

There are 33 scheduled public parking sites in Malta, and 1 in Gozo, as per list below:

  Site Locality
1 Il-Kalanka Delimara
2 Masġar John Mizzi Floriana
3 Belt is-Sebħ - It-Trunċiera tat-Tramuntana Floriana
4 Triq V. Dimech Floriana
5 Belt is-Sebħ - Triq Sir Hannibal P. Scicluna Floriana
6 Fosos Floriana
7 Arena ta l-Indipendenza Floriana
8 Is-Sur ta’ San Filippu Floriana
9 Ħdejn il-Mall Floriana
10 Ħdejn il-Bandli Mdina
11 Il-Mina tal-Griegi Mdina
12 Paradise Bay Mellieħa
13 Lower Għajn Tuffieħa Mellieħa
14 Upper Għajn Tuffieħa Mellieħa
15 Għajn Tuffieħa (Riviera) Mġarr
16 Ġnejna Mġarr
17 Mosta - Next to Church Mosta
18 Lower Addolorata Cemetry Paola 
19 Upper Addolorata Cemetry Santa Lucija
20 Triq il-Maskli Qawra 
21 Ħaġar Qim Qrendi
22 L-Għalqa Ta’ Kola Rabat
23 Triq it-Tigrija Rabat
24 Rabat Rabat, Gozo
25 Spinola San Ġiljan
26 Wesgħet Lewis V. Farrugia San Ġiljan
27 Haywharf Pietà
28 Tower Road Sliema
29 The Strand Sliema
30 Taħt is-Sur tal-Ingliżi Valletta
31 Wied iż-Żurrieq Qrendi 
32 Għar Lapsi Siġġiewi
33 Triq J.J. Mangion Floriana
34 Central Bank Valletta
35 Ditch Valletta

These sites may be attended by a car park attendant assigned by Transport Malta in terms of Regulation 65 of the Motor Vehicle Regulations (S.L.65.11).

Car Park Attendants’ Duties and Licence Conditions 

The following are the main licence conditions and duties of car park attendants::

  1. No person shall act as a car park attendant without a licence issued by Transport Malta;
  2. A car park attendant licence issued by Transport Malta shall be:
    • personal and non-transferable;
    • applicable only for the times and the scheduled car park that the car park attendant is licensed to attend;
    • valid up to the 31st day of December of the year during which it is issued, but may thereafter be renewed from year to year; and
    • subject to the payment of eleven euro and sixty-five cents (€11.65) payable upon the issue of the licence and each year following the year in which the licence was issued.
  3. Transport Malta shall provide licensed car park attendants with a tag including a photo of the person, and indicating the name, the licence number and the car park he is licensed to attend;
  4. No licensee shall act as a car park attendant unless the licence fee payable every year or for any period as specified has been paid;
  5. Transport Malta shall not issue to any person a licence under this regulation unless it is satisfied that such person is of good character and is fit to carry out his duties;
  6. A car park attendant shall, while on duty, wear the tag issued by Transport Malta in a conspicuous place and shall observe the dress code set out by the said Authority;
  7. A car park attendant shall be authorised to operate only in the car park or parks indicated in his licence. The licensee is responsible for the cleaning of the parking site during the time he is operating;
  8. Transport Malta shall put up a conspicuous sign, as shown below, at prominent spots in each scheduled car park indicating that the place is a scheduled car park and that car park attendants are not entitled to any remuneration.
  9. A car park attendant shall be permitted to keep any gratuities (tips) he may receive from motorists using the car park.
  10. A car park attendant shall use all care and diligence to ensure the orderly entry, parking and exit of vehicles in any car park under his charge, and to prevent all thefts from, or damage to, such vehicles. He shall note down in writing the registration number of any vehicle involved in a collision or other incident at such car park and report the particulars to the Police.
  11. Every person making use of a car park shall comply with the lawful signals or instructions of the car park attendant in connection with the entry, parking and exit of the vehicle in or from such car park. No person shall park a vehicle nearer than 750mm to the side of another vehicle and car park attendants shall ensure that this provision is complied with by drivers.
  12. Transport Malta may attach to any licence issued or renewed under this regulation such other conditions, as it may deem fit, to ensure the proper execution of the duties of a car park attendant.
  13. Without prejudice to any other liability incurred by a car park attendant under the provisions of these Regulations or of any other law, Transport Malta may, in any of the following cases, suspend for such time as it may deem fit or cancel the licence of a car park attendant or refuse its renewal:
    • if it is satisfied that the licensee is no longer fit to carry out his duties;
    • if the licensee is convicted of a crime;
    • if the licensee is proved to Transport Malta’s satisfaction to have misbehaved or misconducted himself while on duty or to have infringed any of the provisions of this regulation, or any of the conditions attached to his licence;
    • if the licensee has failed to meet any civil liability incurred by him towards any user of the car park under his charge.
  14. Where a photocard tag issued under these regulations has been lost or stolen, or the car park attendant is otherwise no longer in possession of such tag, the car park attendant shall notify Transport Malta within five days from the date on which he becomes aware of such event.
  15. Transport Malta shall, within ten days from the receipt of such notification, issue a duplicate tag in replacement of the original. The fee for such replacement tag shall be of eleven euro and sixty-five cents (€11.65).
  16. Transport Malta shall keep a Register of all licensed car park attendants.
  17. The Register shall show the name, residential address and identity document number of each licensed car park attendant and his licence number and the location of the car park he is licensed to operate in.
  18. The Register shall be available for public inspection, through this link.

Renewal of Car Park Attendant’s Tag

Car Park Attendants who already hold a tag must renew it every 5 years.

To renew the tag the Car Park Attendants must submit the following documentation at Transport Malta’s offices in Paola (Level 0). For addresses and opening hours check here.

  • PAR-A1, duly filled and signed;
  • A copy of their ID Card;
  • Police Conduct Certificate;
  • Medical Certificate;
  • Current tag; and
  • Fee of €12.

For information about payment methods accepted by Transport Malta refer here.

Page last updated: 16/06/2023