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Enforcement during road works

road work

It is the responsibility of the Authority to manage the procedures for:

  • Monitoring the undertaking of road intervention works;
  • Detection of illegal road intervention works;
  • Ensuring compliance with conditions set by the permit or as directed by the Authority;
  • Enforcing against breaches of permits and compliance.

The Authority reserves the right to enforce measures for any road intervention works being carried out without a road works permit or for any breaches of standard practice specifications or permit conditions in line with the established framework.


The regular duties and responsibilities of the Authority regarding possible infringements include:

Prior to undertaking of road intervention works:

  • Carrying out road intervention works without being a registered contractor;
  • Failure to obtain the necessary permit before commencing road intervention works.

During the execution of road intervention works:

  • Failure to work within the stipulated time periods;
  • Failure to complete works within the prescribed time period without a justifiable reason;
  • Failure to continue works outside the prescribed time periods with the corresponding extension permit as approved by the Authority;
  • Failure to adhere to permit conditions or to any other condition as directed by the Authority;
  • Failure to adhere to and maintain public safety and traffic management conditions throughout the period of execution of works;

Quality of road intervention works:

  • Failure of leaving the site safe and unobstructed in any way;
  • Failure of leaving the site to acceptable reinstatement levels;
  • Failure to correctly submit the Road Works Compliance Report;
  • Failure to achieve acceptable levels of completed works as audited by the Authority.

Emergency calls

Falsely applying for an emergency permit for works not considered as an emergency.

Enforcement actions

Enforcement action taken may include:

  • Imposition of fines deducted directly from the bank guarantee;
  • Withdrawal of existing permits and suspension of any permit application;
  • Suspension from authorisation for executing existing and/or future road intervention works;
  • Immediate discontinuation of existing road intervention works;
  • Immediate suspension of the particular road intervention work and reinstatement by the contractor involved in the works;
  • Immediate reinstatement of existing road intervention works by the Authority to the expense of the contractor;
  • Instruction to contractor / or at the expense of the contractor to redo any works which the Authority considers not acceptable or not in line with the permit conditions;
  • Proceed with any further legal action in line with the applicable legal framework.

Investigating complaints

The Authority consistently ensures to inspect and monitor any complaints received and to investigate whether they