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Electric mini cabs

electric mini cab

The Electric Mini Cabs service was introduced in Malta and Gozo in 2011. They are mainly seen operating in and around Valletta, and from the Malta Seaport Terminal.

Electric Mini Cabs operate in a similiar way to taxis and may be hired out through the following methods:

  • By hailing at places where it is safe to stop;
  • At Electric Mini Cab Stands;
  • Pre-booking by phone, email, internet, etc…

Trips with Electric Mini Cabs cannot cost more than €5.00 per trip, irrespective of the number of passengers. Typically, Electric Mini Cabs carry up to 3 passengers in addition to the driver.

The Taxi Services Regulations (S.L. 499.59) require that Electric Mini Cabs are operated by a licensed Electric Minicab Operator.

The operator is responsible to ensure that the vehicles put on the market comply with the requirements set out in the regulations, that the drivers employed or engaged have the necessary requirements and render a good service to the customers, and that all documentation required in terms of the mentioned regulations are done and maintained correctly.

The driver operating the service shall need to be in possession of a Driver Permit Tag. For more information please click here