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Horse Drawn Cabs

The regulations governing this sector are under review so more information on this topic will be added once the new regulations are published. A set of draft regulations was published for consultation in 2011 and the final regulations are expected to be approved in the coming months. These new regulations are expected to bring about a number of changes to this sector, including the following:

  • A better regulatory framework for the sector of animal drawn vehicles, allowing for better and fairer enforcement;
  • The creation of the role of Horse Drawn Cab Operator;
  • Requirement of 3rd party insurance for all animal drawn vehicles;
  • Better training for drivers of animal drawn vehicles;
  • Restrictions on the driving of animal drawn vehicles in certain roads and times;
  • Provision of shelters and water points for horse-drawn cabs used for hire and reward (karozzini);
  • New official routes for horse-drawn cabs (karozzini) for the following localities:
    • Valletta;
    • Sliema and St. Julians;
    • Rabat; and
    • Buġibba and Qawra.

The driver operating the service shall need to be in possession of a Driver Permit Tag. For more information please click here