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When is renewal due

1. General

1.1 Vehicle Road licence is valid for one year and is renewed according to the first letter of the registration number. For example if your registration number begins with an “A”, your renewal is due in January.

Month First Letters of the Registration No
January A, M and Y
February B, N, and Z
March C and O
April D and P
May E and Q
June F and R
July G and S
August H and T
September I and U
October J and V
November K and W
December L and X

Your renewal can be made either through or through an Insurance Agency or Broker.

1.2 If during the VRT, a discrepancy is noted, please call at the Driving and Vehicles Licensing Unit in order to update the logbook as required before renewing your road licence disc.

2. On-line renewals

2.1 If you renewed your license on-line, the disc will be sent to your address, by registered mail, at no charge.

2.2 The on-line system will enable the owner of the vehicle to view details of any charges due, such as fines and CVA charges, which must be settled as part of the renewal process.

2.3 To access the system you require the Identity Card Number, the last four numbers of the engine number of the vehicle (found in the log book) and a credit or debit card. On entering the registration number of the vehicle one will automatically be provided with any information required.

3. Renewals through the Insurance

3.1 When your road licence is renewed through the Insurance by Agent or Broker, the road license disc will be given instantaneously.