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Renting Vehicles and Motorcycles

The Vehicle Hire Services sector, comprising of undertakings offering the hiring out of vehicles, is regulated through the Light Passenger Transport Services and Vehicle Hire Services Regulations - S.L. 499.68.

Application forms related to this service are:

  • VHS 001 - Application for a new Vehicle Hire Services Operator Licence;
  • VHS 002 - Application form to Transfer a Vehicle Hire Servicres Operator Licence;
  • VHS 003 - Application form for Transfer by Inheritance of a Vehicle Hire Services Operator Licence;
  • VHS 004 - Application form to Withdraw a Vehicle Hire Services Operator Licence.

For more information about this sector, kindly refer to the Regulatory Unit of the Land Transport Directorate at Transport Malta’s offices in Paola. Contacts and opening hours may be found here.

Page updated on 06/06/2023