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Temporary Permits

The documents needed for a non-resident worker to apply for a temporary permit are:

  • Copy of the contract of employment for a duration of at least twelve months
  • Form VEH 22
  • Copy of Driving Licence and Passport
  • Evidence of the vehicle’s arrival into Malta
  • A copy of the vehicle’s registration certificate
  • A valid insurance certificate
  • A valid road license (if the vehicle is not covered by a road license in the country of origin, the owner would have to pay the local road license)
  • An administration fee of €35

The documents needed for a non resident student to apply for a temporary permit are:

  • Copy of registration certificate
  • Notice of Arrival
  • Details from the educational institution about course being followed and duration of course
  • Copy of Driving Licence/Passport
  • Copy of Valid Insurance Certificate
  • Copy of Road licence
  • Form VEH27
  • An administration fee of €15 applicable upon permit approval.

 Page Last Updated: 29/01/2021