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Recognised Technical Services

A technical service is an organization or body which is designated by an EU Type Approval Authority of a Member State as a testing laboratory to carry out tests, or as a conformity assessment body to carry out the initial assessment and other tests or inspections.

Transport Malta recognizes the following technical services that are designated by EU Type Approval Authorities of EU member states for the purpose of issuing Individual/Single Vehicle Approval Certificates in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2018/858 and regulation 6(4)(f) of the Registration and Licensing of Motor Vehicles Regulations (S.L. 368.02):

Name Address Website Email Address EU Member State of Designation
VCA Europe S.r.l Point – Polo per l-innovazione Tecnologica
Via Pasubio 5
24044 – Dalmine (BG)
Italy ♦ Sweden (e5)
♦ The Netherlands (e4)
LCIE Bureau Veritas 33, Av du Général Leclerc
92266 Fontenay Aux Roses
France ♦ France (e2)
♦ The Netherlands (e4)
♦ Cyprus (e49)
GreenKar Technical Service Ltd. 18/2, South Street, Valletta, Malta VLT 1102 ♦ Ireland (e24)
♦ Sweden (e5)
♦ Czech Republic (e8)
UTAC Italy S.r.l. Via Rugabella 1 – 20122 Milano (MI) - Italy ♦ Cyprus (e49)

Page Last Updated: 18/06/2024