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Passenger Transport - Courtesy Buses

Exemption from the requirement of obtaining an Operator’s Licence

  1. With immediate effect, persons whose business main operations consist in running a hotel, guest house or hostel and provide passenger transport operations only as an activity which is ancillary to the such are exempt from the requirement of obtaining an Operator’s Licence, subject to a number of conditions, namely:
    1. The vehicle to be used for such passenger transport services should bear the registration marks commencing with a letter followed by the letters ‘CZ’;
    2. Not more than fifteen (15) years have passed since the vehicle’s year of manufacture; provided that this condition shall become applicable on the 1st September, 2011;
    3. The vehicle must have the name of the operator or hotel, or guest house or hostel printed on both of its sides in clear and large print;
    4. A vehicle allotted with CZ registration marks may only be used for the purpose of providing passenger transport services to residents of the hotel, guest house or hostel operated by the person who is the registered owner of the vehicle or employees of the said person to and from the relative hotel, guest house or hostel;
    5. The driver who drives such vehicles must be engaged under a contract of service or a contract of employment by the operator of the hotel, guesthouse or hostel, as the case may be and be duly licensed in accordance with S.L. 65.18 MOTOR VEHICLES (DRIVING LICENCES) REGULATIONS
    6. No person may operate more than two (2) vehicles in terms of this exemption and/or have registered in its name more than two (2) vehicles which are allotted the CZ registration marks; and
    7. No fee must be charged to the passengers specifically for the passenger transport service provided in terms of this exemption.
  2. Persons found in breach of these requirements may be subject to legal action being taken against them.

Documents required

  1. Application forms CZ-01 and CZ-01 I, may be downloaded or obtained from the Road Transport Services Licensing Unit.
  2. Applicants are to duly fill application forms CZ-01 and CZ-01 I and submit them to the Road Transport Services Licensing Unit.

Verification of print on vehicle

  1. Form CZ-01 will be retained by the Road Transport Services Licensing Unit.
  2. Form CZ-01 I will be used by the Road Transport Licensing Unit in order to confirm that the name of the operator or hotel, or guest house, or hostel are printed on both sides of the vehicle in clear and large print is as declared. The Road Transport Licensing Unit will verify and approve the relative section in the CZ-01 I.
  3. The Road Transport Licensing Unit will then forward the completed and signed CZ-01 I to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Unit (DVLU) for the issuance of the registration plates.

Issuance of registration plates

  1. The DVLU will exchange the registration plates of the vehicle once the operator submits the documents required as per change of registration plates procedures.
  2. Once the registration plates are exchanged to CZ, the DVLU will proceed normally in providing the operator with the CZ Registration Plates, Registration Certificate and Road Licence Disc. At this stage, form CZ-01 I will be updated with the Vehicle Registration Number, the relative section approved and the form redirected to the Road Transport Services Licensing Unit.
  3. Road Transport Services Licensing Unit will update the database accordingly.


Last Updated: 02/08/2022