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Driving Animals and Animal-drawn Vehicles on the Road

Animals and Animal-drawn vehicles may only be driven on the road by persons holding a driving licence issued by Transport Malta for this purpose, as stipulated in he Regulations on the Use of Animals and Animal-drawn Vehicles on the Road (S.L. 499.66)

Driving Licences for Animals and Animal-drawn Vehicles

There are 3 different driving licence categories, as explained below.

Driving Licence Category X Y Z
Types of vehicles which may be driven with these driving licences:
Karrozzin (Licence A) Yes No No
Karrozzelli & Hearses (Licence B)  Yes No No
Cargo & Street Hawkers (Licence C) Yes Yes No
Private Use Sports Traditional (Licence D) Yes Yes No
Horse Riding (Licence E) No No Yes
Minimum Age 18 16
Motor Vehicle Driving Licence Yes, but applicants not holding a driving licence may sit for test on highway code, at a fee of €25.
Medical Certificate Yes (DRV 032)
Special Training -Customer Care Training
-Karrozzin Driver Practical Test
No, but drivers may need to attend course(s) set by the Authority.
Good Repute and Conduct Yes (Click here for more details) No
Language Proficiency Maltese or English Not Applicable
Other Details:
Validity 5 Years 10 Years
Fee for new licence €5 + €8 Administrative fee €10 + €8 Administrative fee €10
Fee for licence renewal €5 €10 €10
Issued a Driver Tag? Yes(Click here for more details) No

 The following application forms shall be used as follows:

ADV-A6 - to apply for a practical test for karrozzin drivers;

ADV-A5 - to apply for a new driving licence in category X, Y or Z;

ADV-Z8 - to modify a driving licence in category X, Y or Z.

Submission of Applications

Application forms, or any related communication, may be submitted with Transport Malta using any of the following methods.

For information about payment methods accepted by Transport Malta refer here.

By hand at Transport Malta’s offices, from Monday to Friday between 07:30 and 14:00, at:

  • Level 0, A3 Towers, Triq l-Arkata, Paola; or
  • Tigrija Palazz, Main Gate Street, Victoria, Gozo;

By phone on:

  • Freephone 80072393 (from landline only);
  • 2555 4652 (for Gozo only)
  • 2555 5121 - Driving Licence X;
  • 2555 5157 - Driving Licence Y and Z.

By email via:

Processing of Applications and Appeal Procedure

The examination process leading to a final decision by Transport Malta on applications for for new Licences for the Driving of Animal-drawn Vehicles or Animals takes a maximum of 3 months from the date of submission of the application form and all the necessary supporting documentation.

Transport Malta shall acknowledge receipt of an application within 1 week of submission, and shall inform the applicant of  any missing documents or information. 

If the application is accepted, Transport Malta shall proceed with the printing of the driving licence which shall be mailed to the address specified in the application, unless the client specifically requests a different mode of delivery.

If the application is refused by Transport Malta, the decision, and the reasons leading to it, shall be communicated in writing via registered post to the applicant at the address specified in the application. 

Every notice of refusal shall state that the applicant has a right to make representations in writing, within ten days, to Transport Malta giving reasons why the application should not be refused and Transport Malta shall consider any representations so made before arriving at a final decision. Transport Malta shall notify in writing its final decision to the applicant concerned.

When an application is refused by Transport Malta, or the Authority fails to make a decision within 3 months from the date of submission of the application form and all the necessary documentation, the applicant may appeal to the Administrative Review Tribunal within thirty days from the notification of the Authority’s decision, or failure thereof. More information about this Tribunal is available here

Processing of Personal Data

This Data Protection Privacy Notice shall apply to all personal data related to these licences. 

Page last updated: 09/11/2022