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Services related to registration and licensing of Drivers and Vehicle.

Office in Paola and Lija

The offices of the Land Transport Directorate in Paola and Lija offer services related to:

  • Driver licensing and permitting; and
  • Vehicle registration and licensing.

The table below shows the different services offered from the two offices.

Opening Times

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Services available from Paola and Lija Offices


Paola Office Lija Office
Registration of Vehicles YES YES*
Change of Ownerships requiring Plates YES YES*
Re-Issue of Vehicle Registration Certificates YES YES
Re-Issue of Vehicle Licence Discs YES YES
Issue of Plates including cases of Lost Plates YES YES*
Scrapping YES YES
Payment of Arrears YES YES
Export YES YES
Garaging YES YES
Change of Engine/Body types/ Colour YES YES
Collection of VRT Certificates or Licence Renewals YES YES
Driving Licenses
Licence Renewals YES YES
Category renewals/inclusions YES YES
Driving License alterations - change of address surname etc YES YES
International Driving Permits YES YES
Learner permit deposits/collection YES YES
Tachographs (deposits/collection) YES YES
License revocations (submission or collection) YES YES
Medical referrals YES YES
Seat belt exemptions (deposits/collection) YES YES
Services related to Vintage Vehicles YES NO
Transactions related to Light Passenger Transport Services YES NO
Transactions related to Vehicle Hire Services YES NO
Services related to Driver Tags YES YES
Services related to Carriage of Passengers Operator Licence YES NO
Services related to MicroMobility Operator Licence YES NO
Mileage Maintenance of Vehicles YES NO
Release of information on towed or impounded vehicles YES NO
Legal Assistance / Information YES NO
Inspection of Vehicles YES NO


Registered Office

Malta Transport Centre Triq Pantar, Ħal Lija LJA 2021
Tel: +356 21222203