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Becoming a Transport Operator

In line with its Land Transport Policy, Transport Malta aims to promote mobility that is efficient, safe, secure and environmentally friendly.

Transport Malta’s policy objectives for road transport are therefore to promote efficient goods and passenger transport services, to create and apply consistent rules and standards for operators and drivers, to promote and harmonise safer and more environmentally friendly technical standards for both passenger and goods transport vehicles, and to guarantee that road transport rules are applied effectively and without discrimination.

It is in the above light that the rules for access to the profession in the various road transport sectors that are regulated by Transport Malta are being set out in the respective sections under this page

Passenger Transport - Courtesy Buses

Trackless Train Transport Services

Sightseeing Routes

Horse Drawn Cabs

Passenger Transport (more than 9 seats)

Light Passenger Transport (less than 10 seats)


Last Updated: 24/04/2020