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Goods Carrying Vehicle

Driving a Goods Carrying Vehicle

In order to drive goods carrying vehicles, drivers must hold the following driving licence categories and be covered by a medical certificate:

  • C1 - Goods carrying vehicles having a gross vehicle weight greater than 3,500 kgs but smaller than 7,500 kgs;
  • C1E - Goods carrying vehicles (C1) pulling a trailer where the total gross vehicle weight is not greater than 12,000 kgs;
  • C - Goods carrying vehicles having a gross vehicle weight greater than 7,500 kgs;
  • CE - Goods carrying vehicles (C) pulling a trailer or semi trailer with a maximum mass of over 750kgs.


Moreover, drivers who drive the above mentioned vehicles for hire and reward are also required to hold a Certificate of Professional Competence for Professional Drivers (Driver CPC).

The Driver CPC consists of two sections:

  • Initial Qualification: This is required by all those who obtained their driving licence in the above mentioned categories after the 10th of September 2008 and new licence holders. This consists of a training program followed by two theory tests and one practical test. Following the Initial Qualification which is valid for 5 years, periodical training is required.
  • Periodic Training: This is required by all those who have obtained their driving licence by the 9th September 2008 and consists of a training course of 35 hours that shall be repeated every five years thereafter.

Drivers who obtain their Driver CPC will have the information code ‘95’ included next to the respective driving licence category on the rear of their Driving Licence Card.


Citizens of countries that are not Member States of the European Union or who are not long term residents of a Member State may be employed as drivers of goods carrying vehicles as long as they hold a driver attestation issued by Transport Malta. Goods transport operators may submit applications using the prescribed form for driver attestations to the Road Transport Licensing Unit of Transport Malta. Such applications are to be accompanied by documentation proving that the person applying for a driver attestation is a holder of a resident’s permit issued by the Identity Malta Agency and also produce a copy of the driver’s passport, driving licence and social security number.
More information on driver attestation may be obtained through the email address or through the freephone from landline on 80072393.