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Clients who do not require an immediate service may submit their requests at the deposit window and/or box at offices of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Unit (DVLU) in Poala or Ħal Lija.

When making use of this service, clients shall deposit the following items:

  • Application form VEH 03;
  • The application form for the service they require;
  • Any required supporting documents;
  • Any required payment via cheque (up to €1,500), bank transfer or bank draft.

All applications submitted in this way shall be reviewed and processed by Transport Malta within 1 working day from submission. Clients may:

  • Collect the requested documents and/or number plates from any DVLU office by end of business of the following working day; or
  • Request that the requested documents (excluding number plates) are sent to them via post.

Applicants will be contacted by phone and/or email if the submitted forms, documents or payment are deemed to be incorrect or incomplete.

Page last updated: 30/03/2021