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VRT Tester Standards

A licence to act as a VRT Tester is issued by Transport Malta in terms of the Motor Vehicle (Roadworthiness Test) Regulations (S.L. 65.15). Such a licence authorises the tester to carry out VRT Tests on vehicles in approved VRT Stations and to certify that such vehicles are roadworthy and safe to be used on public roads.

The following are the requirements to become a licensed VRT Tester:

• Must be of good repute and conduct;
• Must be in possession of an (Level 4) Advanced Diploma in Light Vehicle Maintenance, as classified by the Malta Qualification Framework;
• Must have attended a specifically designed course for VRT Testers which is conducted by Jobs Plus as approved by Transport Malta;
• Must prove to have at least three years related work experience;
• Copy of Identity Card and valid driving licence/s.

Application Process:

Application form VRT 02 needs to be submitted to Transport Malta at the Technical Unit located at A3 Towers Triq l-Arkati, Paola.

Together with the completed application, the applicant must also submit:

- a copy of his/her ID card and valid Driving Licence/s;
- a Police Conduct Certificate;
- a copy of the Level 4 Certification – Advanced Diploma in Light Vehicle Maintenance
- 3 years work experience supporting documentation.

Upon submission of the application, an acknowledgment letter will be sent by Transport Malta to the applicant and in the case of an incomplete application, the applicant will be informed about the need to supply any additional documentation.

Upon submission of a complete application, the applicant will be informed accordingly. If the applicant has all the requirements needed to become a VRT Tester, details of the applicant will be forwarded to Jobs Plus to be listed for the VRT Tester’s Course. The applicant will then be notified by the ETC when the course is due. Once the applicant has successfully completed the VRT Tester’s Course, the VRT Tester Licence will be issued by Transport Malta against a onetime fee of €25.

Where Transport Malta decides to refuse an application, Transport Malta will inform the applicant by notice in writing, stating the reasons for such refusal.

For information about payment methods accepted by Transport Malta refer here.

Validity of Licence:

A VRT Tester’s Licence is issued for an indefinite period and is subject to continued compliance with the requirements of the Motor vehicle (Roadworthiness Test) Regulations.

Page last updated: 07/10/2021