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Scrapping of Vehicles

For detailed information about the scrappage of vehicles refer to POL 11 in English or Maltese.

Documents required when scrapping a vehicle:

  1. Application form VEH 013;
  2. Vehicle’s registration certificate (log book);
  3. Vehicles road licence - Licence is charged pro-rata if expired;
  4. Vehicle’s registration plates;
  5. Cancellation of hire purchase (if applicable);
  6. Destruction Certificate issued by a licensed treatment facility (applicable to M1 and N1 Vehicles only);
  7. An administration fee of €10;
  8. €600 for vehicles which are not disposed at a licensed treatment facility.

Documents required when scrapping a vehicle whose owner is benefitting from the Scrappage Scheme:

  1. Application Form VEH 038;
  2. Application Form VEH 051 if the applicant is also benefitting from the scheme for the purchase of electric or plugin hybrid vehicles;
  3. Copy of the owner’s Identify Card.

For information about payment methods accepted by Transport Malta refer here.

NOTE: If any of the above documents and /or number plates are missing, declaration form VEH 039 (Maltese or English version) shall be presented aling with an adminisation fee of €8.

Page last updated: 20/07/2023