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Road works compliance report

Upon completion of any road intervention works, a Road Works Compliance Report must be submitted by the contractor to the Authority as stipulated in Clause 34 of LN29/2010.

The report indicates:

  • whether the road intervention works or reinstatements comply with the permit conditions and standards established by the Authority and other entities involved;
  • whether all the necessary measures have been taken to leave the site in a good safe condition for the general public.

Download the Road Works Compliance Report and Guidance notes for completing the Road Works Compliance Report.

Following validation of the Road Works Compliance Report, all road interventions will be reviewed during the two year guarantee period by the Authority for all the necessary quality assurance audits. The audit will be carried out against the conditions as established by legal notice LN29/2010 and the corresponding road intervention works permit.

The Authority may also perform additional quality audits and site inspections during the guarantee period. Should any issue regarding the quality of works arise during this period, the Authority reserves the right to take the necessary measures or actions.

If you would like any further information on how to fill in and submit a Road Works Compliance Report please contact the Road Intervention Works Compliance Section.