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Re-Registration of Undocumented and/or De-registered Vintage Vehicles


The re-registation of undocumented and/or de-registered vehicles is a concession being granted to bona-fide vehicle enthusiasts with the aim of encouraging the restoration and eventually use of vintage vehicles.

Vintage Vehicles

This Scheme shall only apply for vehicles which have all the necessary characteristics to qualify as ‘vintage vehicles’ in terms of the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Registration and Licensing Act, Cap. 368 of the Laws of Malta.

Cap. 368 of the Laws of Malta defines a “vintage vehicle” as “an authentic and genuine vehicle with an age of thirty years or more (to be reckoned from the date of manufacture), as certified by the vintage vehicle classification committee, which is kept in a state which is as close as possible to its original state as produced by the manufacturer and which respects the spirit of classic and vintage preservation”.

Conditions for Re-registration

In order for a vintage vehicle to be re-registered under this Scheme, the applicant must satisfy the following conditions:

  1. the vehicle must qualify as a vintage vehicle in terms of the provisions of Cap.368 of the Laws of Malta:
    • Provided that a vehicle which, due to its state or condition, does not satisfy the requirement established by law and by policy guidelines for registration as a vintage vehicle, it shall nevertheless be re-registered pursuant to this Scheme but such vehicle is to be garaged and may not be used on the road until such time that it will satisfy the conditions for registration as a vintage vehicle:
    • Provided further that a vehicle which is re-registered in terms of this Scheme as a vintage vehicle but, in time, no longer satisfies the requirements for registration as a vintage vehicle, such vehicle shall no longer be used on the road and is to be garage, but the re-registration which would have been effected in terms of this Scheme shall continue to apply;
  2. the vehicle must have been registered in Malta and was never exported to a foreign country following its registration in Malta;
  3. the vehicle is either an undocumented vehicle or a vehicle which has been de-registered by a third party and is now in the bona-fide possession of the applicant;
  4. the vehicle must have a chassis number.

 Undocumented vehicle

For the purpose of this Scheme, an undocumented vehicle is one which has been previously registered in Malta, but for which there is no available documentation.

De-registered vehicles

For the purposes of this Scheme, a de-registered vehicle is one which has either been officially de-registered with the Authority for Transport in Malta prior to the 1st November 2013 or a vehicle which has not been brought in line with the provisions of Legal Notice 13 of 2004.

Procedure for application

The Authority for Transport in Malta shall receive applications from interested persons in terms of this Scheme for the re-registration of undocumented and/or de-registered vintage vehicles with effect from 14th March 2022.

Interested persons are required to complete the following application forms:

  • VEH18 (Application form to re-register an undocumented or a de-registered vintage vehicle); and
  • VEH15 (Application form for the certification of a motor vehicle by the vintage vehicle classification committee as a vintage vehicle with an age of at least 30 years for private use only).

These forms, together with a cheque for €105 issued in favour of Transport Malta, shall be deposited at the offices of Transport Malta, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Unit, Level 1, A3 Towers, Arcade Street, Paola, or Transport Malta Centre, Pantar Road, Ħal Lija, from Monday to Friday between 7:30am and 2:30pm.

The applicant shall be required to submit, together with the said forms and payment, the required supporting documentation to prove that the vehicle was originally registered in Malta and subsequently abandoned, forgotten or de-registered (as defined above). Such proof may consist of photos, declarations and/or any other relevant documentary evidence and must also include a sworn affidavit confirming that the applicant is the bona-fide owner of the vehicle for which the application is being submitted.

Other Fees

  • Registration fee of €15;
  • The applicable registration tax;
  • Annual administrative fee of €8; and
  • The applicable plate fee.

Page last updated: 14/03/2022