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Coaches and minibuses

land-other-public-transport-coaches-and-minibuses-1Bus drivers hands on the steeringwheel

Coaches are passenger transport vehicles which have at least thirty passenger seats. They are identified by the letters CY or PY on their registration number plates. They are designed to carry seated passengers only.

Minibuses are passenger transport vehicles which have more than eight seats besides the driver’s seat but less than thirty seats. Such vehicles are identified by the letters VY, MY or PY on their registration number plates.

Tail-lift vans are passenger transport vehicles that are constructed to carry persons with special needs, particularly those who are wheel-chair bound. Such vehicles are identified by the letters SY or PY on their registration number plates.

The above categories of vehicles may be hired from a number of licensed operators who provide these services in Malta and in Gozo. These operators must be in possession of a National Operator’s Licence for the Carriage of Passengers issued by Transport Malta. Bookings for this service are normally done through the operator or his agent. The drivers of the above mentioned vehicles are identified by a tag, issued by Transport Malta. For more information please click here

These passenger transport vehicles may be of any colour but not identical or similar to the colour of the motor route buses. They should be right hand drive, with passenger doors on the left hand side. All coaches should be equipped with a functioning air-conditioning system. Standing passengers are not allowed on these vehicles. They are driven by chauffeurs and services may only be provided on a pre-booking basis through the operator, by telephone, online or by mail. These vehicles cannot operate from or pick up passengers from bus stops or bus termini. These passenger transport vehicles should all have an identification certificate which should be affixed to the back of the driver’s seat to enable passengers to identify the driver and the operator. This certificate clearly indicates the maximum number of passengers the vehicle may carry.

When such vehicles are used to transport school children, they should have affixed on the front and rear of the vehicle the following sign:

School crossing sign

Moreover, vehicles used to transport school children shall have seat belts installed on all their seats, as explained in here.

Passenger transport vehicles should have a sticker affixed at the back left side door window which indicates the following information:

  • vehicle registration number;
  • registered owner;
  • operator’s licence number;
  • passenger capacity;
  • an official contact telephone number to be used in cases of emergency.

Every vehicle is equipped with the following:

  • fire extinguisher/s;
  • security/warning triangle;
  • security hammer;
  • first aid kit.

Transport Malta also keep a Road Passenger Transport Register which holds information related to operators, drivers and passenger transport vehicles. This register may be inspected by any person upon request.

Page last updated: 02/08/2022