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Trenching Excavation Guidelines

Trenching Excavation and Reinstatement Guidelines
The guide provides a basic description of the methods and procedure to be adopted during the excavation and reinstatement of all road intervention works.

The objective of the guide is to present a better understanding for street work operatives on how a reinstatement should be undertaken to protect the existing road structure, whilst also illustrating how works should be completed to a standard that ensures a long service life.
While the methods and procedures listed in this guide take into consideration a number of scenarios, not all possible variations can be covered. If in doubt of any method or procedure listed in this document, always consult with the Authority before actually starting the intervention works.

Download the document and drawings below.

Trench Excavation and Reinstatement Guidlines_Issue 3 (March 2016)
Drawing TRG 01
Drawing TRG 02
Drawing TRG 03
Drawing TRG 04
Drawing TRG 05
Drawing TRG 06
Drawing TRG 07
Drawing TRG 08
Drawing TRG 09