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Licensing Vehicles operated for hire or reward


The number of taxi licenses that may be operated in Malta and Gozo is as set out in the Taxi Service Regulations (S.L. 499.59). Before these regulations came intoforce,in November 2010,there were 200 licensed taxis in Malta and 50 in Gozo. The new regulations required the issue of an additional 50 new licensesfor taxis operating in Malta by 2012, bringing up the total number of taxi licenses to 250 in Malta and 50 taxi licenses in Gozo by 2012.

A motor vehicle may be registered under a taxi licenceonly if it complies with the following specifications:

  • It is brand new, i.e.: never permanently registered before and having traveled no more than 3,000km on its own power;
  • It has an engine capacity of at least 1,400cc (this does not apply for hybrid vehicles);
  • It has ample leg space and head room;
  • It is fitted with adequate lighting;
  • It is equipped by a fully functional air-conditioning system;
  • It is a right-hand-drive motor vehicle; and
  • It is fitted with the following equipment compliant with Technical Specifications issued by Transport Malta:
    • A taximeter including function for printing VAT receipts;
    • A vehicle tracking system;
    • A two-way communication system;
    • A surveillance camera recording images in an onboard DVR; and
    • One or more emergency buttons fitted within easy reach of passengers and driver.
  • Vehicles may be operated as taxisonly until they reach the following age:
  • 20 years from manufacture for vehicles that where at least 10 years old on the 1stNovember 2010;
  • 15 years from manufacture for the remaining vehicles.

Registering of vehicles under a taxi license may be done at the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Unit of Transport Malta in Floriana.

Electric mini cabs

Since there is no limit on the amount of Electric Minicabs that may be operated on the Maltese islands, any vehicle fitting with the following specifications may be licensed as an Electric Minicab:

  • Has a type approval to category L5e, L6e or L7e as defined in the Directive of the European Union 2002/24/EC;
  • It has ample leg space and head room;
  • It is fitted with adequate lighting;
  • It is a right-hand-drive motor vehicle (this does not apply to tricycles with type approval to L5e category)

There is no age limit applicable to Electric Mini Cabs

Page Last Updated: 29/07/2022