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Licensing a Passenger Transport Vehicle (more than 9 seats)

Operators who have a valid operator’s licence issued by Transport Malta can register passenger transport vehicles under their operator’s licence. An operator who wants to register a new or second-hand vehicle (up to 5 years from date of manufacture and in the case of coaches – up to 10 years from date of manufacture provided that the operator de-registers another passenger transport vehicle), is required to call at Transport Malta, A3 Towers, Triq l-Arkata, Paola with the following application forms/documents:

  • Application form CPOL-A3
  • Application form VEH 030
  • Original V5 (foreign log book)
  • Certificate of Conformity (in the case of new passenger transport vehicles)
  • Certificate of Initial Fitness (in the case of second-hand passenger transport vehicles)
  • An administration fee of €25

Transport Malta will then check whether there is sufficient financial standing and proceed with the documents which will be forwarded to the Technical Unit of Transport Malta. When the vehicle is new, the Technical Unit will check that the Certificate of Conformity conforms with the Regulations but if the vehicle is second-hand, the vehicle will have to be inspected. Once the documents are approved, they will be sent to the Driver Vehicle Licensing Unit of Transport Malta for registration.

If the vehicle is to replace an older vehicle, the operator will convert or scrap the registered vehicle to be replaced.

To register a new or second-hand vehicle, the following applications/documents should be submitted:

  • Application form VEH 001 (registration of vehicle) duly filled
  • Application form VEH 002 (license the vehicle) duly filled
  • An invoice should be submitted
  • Insurance policy should be submitted
  • No objection letter from the directors of the company (if the vehicle is to be registered in the name of a company)
  • VRT (if the vehicle is second hand)
  • If the vehicle is imported from a non-EU country and is new, the form VEH 004 should also be filled in

After submitting the above documents/application forms, Transport Malta will verify the documents and will proceed accordingly.

The operator will incur the following charges:

  • Registration tax
  • VAT (if the vehicle is new)
  • €15 first registration administration fee
  • Number plates
  • Licence disc fee
  • €25 public service garage fee
  • €55 inspection fee (if the vehicle is second-hand)
  • Malta Tourism Authority fee
  • Entry fee - click for applicable entry fees

The operator will then be given the Certificate of Registration (Log Book), a Licence Disc to be affixed on the left hand side of the windscreen and a set of registration plates having a letter followed by two letters PY and 3 numbers. Trackless trains bear the letters TRY followed by 3 numbers.

The operator will then receive by registered mail, the following documents:

  • A fresh operator’s licence, since the previous one has to be returned to Transport Malta
  • A certified true copy of the original operator’s licence (this should be kept in the vehicle at all times)
  • A passenger transport vehicle licence which should be affixed to the left side of the windscreen
  • A driver’s certificate
  • A sticker indicating information regarding the vehicle

For information about payment methods accepted by Transport Malta refer here.

Last Updated: 15/03/2022