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Transport Malta Payment Methods

Payments for services rendered by Transport Malta may be effected through any of the following options:

  • Debit or credit cards;
  • Cheques in the case of payments exceeding €20 but not exceeding €1,500;
  • Bank drafts;
  • Bank transfers (Relevant IBAN number to be provided by Transport Malta unit rendering the service); or
  • Bill Payment Facilities, through BOV and HSBC online banking services. KINDLY FOLLOW BELOW GUIDELINES:
    • Indicate the code of the service being requested, using the list below (e.g. V01 when registering a vehicle, G03 for transactions related to Vehicle Hire Services);
    • Indicate the ID Card Number of the person, or the Registration Number of the Company requesting the service. If you are paying for someone else, include the ID Number of that person;


V01 Registration of Vehicles.
V02 Change of Ownerships requiring Plates.
V03 Re-Issue of Vehicle Registration Certificates.
V04 Re-Issue of Vehicle Licence Discs.
V05 Issue of Plates including cases of Lost Plates.
V06 Scrapping.
V07 Payment of Arrears.
V08 Export.
V09 Garaging.
V10 Change of Engine/Body types/Colour.
V11 Collection of VRT Certificates or Licence Renewals.
D01 Deposit, collection & processing of driving learner’s permits.
D02 Deposit, collection & processing of driving test applications.
D03 Change of motoring schools.
D04 Theory Test related queries.
D05 Licence Renewals.
D06 Category renewals/inclusions.
D07 Driving License alterations - change of address surname etc...
D08 International Driving Permits.
D09 Tachographs (deposits/collection).
D10 License revocations (submission or collection).
D11 Medical referrals.
D12 Seat belt exemptions (deposits/collection).
G01 Services related to Vintage Vehicles.
G02 Transactions related to Light Passenger Transport Services.
G03 Transactions related to Vehicle Hire Services.
G04 Services related to Driver Tags.
G05 Services related to Carriage of Passengers Operator Licence.
G06 Services related to MicroMobility Operator Licence.
G07 Mileage maintenance of vehicles.
G08 Release of information on towed or impounded vehicles.
G09 Legal Assistance/Information.
G10 Inspection of Vehicles.
G11 Taxi Licences.
G12 Licences and Driving Licences for Animal-drawn vehicle.
G13 Road Haulage Licences.
G14 Driver Attestations.
G15 ADR and ATP Vehicles.
G16 ADR Driver Certificates.

 Page last updated: 04/07/2022