VRT Stations

VRT Station Licence

An licence to operate and manage a VRT Station is issued by Transport Malta in terms of the Motor Vehicle (Roadworthiness Test) Regulations (S.L. 65.15) .Such a licence authorises the operator to inspect vehicles for roadworthiness and certify vehicles as roadworthy and safe to be used on public roads.

The following are the requirements to become a licensed VRT Station Operator:

  • The applicant must be of good repute and conduct;
  • The applicant must have appropriate financial standing;
  • The applicant must be in possession of the necessary testing equipment and premises from which he carried out inspection.

Application Process:

The prescribed application form needs to be submitted to Transport Malta at the Techncial Unit, Hornworks Ditch; Floriana FRN 1221. Together with the completed application, the applicant must submit: A copy of his/her ID card; a Police Conduct Certificate;an area site plan, internal set up of the premises;and evidence of appropriate financial standing.

An aknowlegment will be send to the applicant by Transport Malta. In the case of an incomplete application, the applicant will be informed upon reciept of the application about the need to supply any additional documentation or information.

Upon submission of a complete application, the applicant will be informed accordingly and an onsite inspection will be carried out by Transport Malta officials, following which, Transport Malta will inform the applicant by notice in writing of its decision on the application, and in the case of refusal of an application, the application will be informed with the reasons for such refusal.

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