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Change of Ownership

The table in this attachment includes the information, requirements, forms and fees related to the change of ownership of a vehicle, depending on the nature of the change being done.

NOTE 1: If buyer requests personalised plates, the circulation licence of the vehicle will be adjusted depending on the 1st letter of the new plates.

NOTE 2: If the tax exemption was originally issued due to Special Needs:

  • If vehicle is less than 10 years from first registration, the registration tax shall be paid. Otherwise a new approval from MFIN is to be presented stating that the registration tax exemption can be transferred onto new owner; and
  • If the 10 years have passed since the first registration, the restriction will be lifted (hence no registration tax will be due).

NOTE 3: If the tax exemption was originally issued for reasons other than disability, the registration tax shall be paid subject to the valuation issued by Transport Malta’s Technical Unit.

NOTE 4: If logbook is lost, the following addition documents are required :

NOTE 5: A registration certificate which, for any reason, is filled or signed incorrectly may be declared as null following the submission of a declaration signed by all involved parties (buyer, seller and witness). The correct signatures must then be submitted on form VEH 50.

NOTE 6: Requests for vehicles transfers where the registration certificate is missing any of the signatures of seller, buyer and witness will not be considered.

Processing of Personal Data

This Data Protection Privacy Notice shall apply to all personal data related to these licences.

Last Update: 29/01/2021