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Retrofitting of Battery Electric Powertrains on Motor Vehicles - 2024

The information included in this page is meant to provide information about this incentive scheme, without prejudice to any provision in the respective scheme as published on the government gazzette.

This financial incentive intends to promote the retrofitting of approved battery electric powertrains on motor vehicles and is aimed at:

  • Persons residing in Malta; and
  • Undertakings established in Malta.

For a comparison of the average price to drive 100km with an electric vehicle and with a conventional vehicle, check here.

The grant shall support the retrofitting of approved electric powertrains on:

  • Passenger cars;
  • Vans;
  • Goods carrying vehicles;
  • Minibuses;
  • Buses and
  • Coaches.

The Incentive Details

Subject to the scheme conditions, a grant amount equal to 80% of the investment costs required for the installation of approved battery electric powertrains shall be issued to the registered owners of the concerned vehicles; which shall not exceed:

  • €5,000 in the case of Category L (motorcycle) vehicles; OR
  • €20,000 in the case of Category M1 (Car) or N1 (Van) vehicles; OR
  • €40,000 in the case of Category M2 (Minibus) or N2 (Small Truck) vehicles; OR
  • €80,000 in the case of Category M3 (Coach), N3 (Trucks) or SP1 (Special Purpose) vehicles.

Each applicant is entitled to a maximum of 1 grant under this scheme.

NOTE: The De Minimis Regulations* and the respective thresholds shall apply when grants are issued to undertakings established in Malta.

Applying for this incentive

A person or an undertaking wishing to retrofit a battery electric powertrain on a motor vehicle shall present Transport Malta with a detailed technical proposal prepared and signed by a warranted mechanical engineer and a warranted electrical engineer, which shall include the following information:

  1. full details of the vehicle and the original ICE powertrain;
  2. full details of the motor, battery, electric traction chain and galvanically connected high-voltage rail, and any related and/or connected components;
  3. full details of the installation methodology in accordance with the relevant EU Directives and UNECE Regulations (incl. EMC Directive and ECE R100.01 where applicable), and supported amongst others by circuitry, diagrams, and photos as necessary;
  4. a checklist of obligatory tests to be carried out. Such checklist shall be provided by Transport Malta together with the application form mentioned below;
  5. full details and proof of technical expertise and competence of the competent person, along with written approval for such person issued by the warranted mechanical engineer and the warranted electric engineer who signed the technical proposal.

Transport Malta shall evaluate the submitted technical proposal and revert to the applicant with its decision, which may be an approval, a justified rejection, a request for clarification or further information, or a request to revise the proposal. Transport Malta reserves the right to limit any approval to specific categories or models of vehicles.

An application for a grant under this scheme shall be made by the registered owner of a motor vehicle on which an approved battery electric powertrain shall be retrofitted by submitting application form VEH048 along with any information, details and documents required therein.

In the case of an application within the scope of the De Minimis State Aid* , the State Aid Declaration VEH071 is also required.

Applications under this scheme, together with all the relevant documents, shall be submitted by the applicant during working hours or mailed to Transport Malta’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Unit (DVLU). For opening hours and addresses refer here.

*Depending on the sector of activity of the applicant, the De Minimis rules stipulated in Commission Regulation (EU) No. 2023/2831, Commission Regulation (EU) No. 1408/2013 or Commission Regulation (EU) No. 717/2014 shall apply.

Page last updated: 12/03/2024