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Pedestrian Safety

Below are a few guidelines on pedestrian safety to reduce casualities.

Pelican Crossing


Pelican Crossings

Press the button to activate the system.
Cross the road only when the light turns green and the vehicles have come to a stop from both sides of the road.
If you are crossing the road and the light turns orange, do not stall to reach the other side of the road.
While crossing, keep looking both ways in case a driver has not seen you.

Zebra Crossing

Zebra Crossings

Allow enough time for drivers to see you and stop their vehicles before you start to cross the road.
Wait until vehicles stop on both sides of the road before you start to cross.
Keep looking in both directions, and listening whilst crossing, in case a vehicle attempts to overtake a vehicle that has stopped.



Always make use of the pavement or adequate sidewalk provided. 
Avoid using the carriageway. It is dangerous to yourself and others.

No sidewalkTM PEDESTRIAN-04

Where no sidewalks or pavements are provided, or where these are inadequate, walk on the right of the road facing traffic.
Make sure that you are visible, especially in the dark.

always find a safe place to cross the roadTM PEDESTRIAN-05

Always find a safe place to cross. Ideally, a subway, a footbridge, an island, a zebra or pelican crossing.

Avoid crossing between parked cars.

Avoid crossing between parked cars.

Avoid crossing close to a bend in the carriageway.

Avoid crossing close to a bend in the carriageway.
Move someplace where drivers can see you from afar.

Pedestrian Safety Barriers

Pedestrian Safety Barriers

Where there are barriers, cross the road onlly if there are gaps provided for pedestrians.
Never climb over the barriers.