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Extract from Article 7:

Without prejudice to the powers and functions granted to the Authority in terms of article 6, the Authority shall have the following powers and functions specifically in connection with roads :

(b) to occupy, plan, design, construct, re-construct, administer, maintain, repair and restore roads and to provide or secure or promote the provision of the same and also to provide or secure or promote the provision of services for such purposes and to manage and control the necessary works, including the planning and programming thereof and the planning and programming for the rebuilding and restoration of the existing roads:

Cap. 363.
Provided that where the maintenance of any road is the responsibility of a Local Council in terms of the Local Councils Act, the maintenance of such road shall not, to the extent of such responsibility, be the function of the Authority unless an agreement to that effect is reached between the Local Council and the Authority:

Provided further that where a street or road is to be formed by any other person in accordance with any other law, it shall not be the function of the Authority to form such street or road;

(c) to establish standards and specifications to be maintained and complied with in the execution of any works connected with roads and to do all such things as are necessary or expedient to ensure adherence to such standards and specifications by any Local Council or person who carries out works on a road independently of who is responsible for that road and for this purpose to set up regular programmes to verify as well as to ensure the implementation of such standards and specifications;