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Changes to my Driving Licence

Replacement driving licences or duplicate tags shall be issued whenever there is a change in the data contained in the photocard driving licence or driver tag such as change of surname and signature, change of address and change of identity card number. The Changes to Driving Licence form DRV 010 shall need to be filled in and submitted together with a copy of the Identity Card and the Original Driving Licence Card or Driver Permit Tag, as the case may be. The new licence with the altered details is issued against a fee of €10.00 while the new tag is issued against a fee of €12.00.

Urgent Cards

The Authority offers the possibility of ordering your Driving Licence urgently – this shall be available for collection within 24 hours from your order. An additional payment of €25 is applicable for such service. In the event of Fridays or eves of a Public/National Holiday then the last order processed would be by 11am otherwise we would not be in a position to guarantee the request can be met on time.


  • Changes to Driving Licence Form
  • If replacing the driving licence: the original Driving Licence Card and payment of €10.00.
  • If replacing the tag: the original Driver Permit Tag and payment of €12.00.
  • Copy of the identity card

For information about payment methods accepted by Transport Malta refer here.

Page last updated: 05/01/2022