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Penalty Points

The Penalty Points System

The Motor Vehicles (Driving Licenses) Regulations provide that new drivers who pass their driving tests shall be granted a probationary driving licence valid for 3 calendar years, subject to a penalty point system.

For each contravention listed in the Sixth Schedule of the Regulations, penalty points shall be imposed by the Court of Magistrates or by the Commissioners for Justice.

A full driving licence for ten years is issued, upon renewal, if no penalty points are recorded or if the penalty points imposed were less than 12.

A probationary driving licence is revoked if, during the three-year probationary period, you accumulate 12 twelve penalty points or more. In such cases you shall be informed by the Authority and within 10 days you are to submit your driving licence photocard. Once revoked you may only apply for a new probationary driving licence after the expiration of three months from such revocation by starting the whole process of obtaining a licence.

A full driving licence shall be revoked if at any time during any period of twelve months, its holder accumulates in aggregate twelve penalty points or more.

Any holder of a full driving licence or a probationary driving licence may have the number of penalty points recorded in his entry reduced by 50% if he or she passes a multiple choice safety awareness test which has been prepared by the Authority for this purpose. The test has a duration of 45 minutes and consists of 30 multiple choice questions. The pass mark for the test is 50%. A pass certificate will be issued upon successful completion. Only persons having 11 points or less can sit for this test.

The Penalty Points multiple choice Theory Test Question bank (English and Maltese versions) is available here:

Click HERE for Driving Licence with points
Click HERE for Liċenzja tas-sewqan bil-punti

A person may only take such Theory Test every two years.

Where the driving licence has been revoked for the first time, the driver shall return his driving licence to Transport Malta.

Client can collect the driving licence after the expiration of a period of two months from the date that the driving licence is returned without the need to sit for a driving test.

For further information refer Regulations 36 to 41 in to the Motor Vehicles (Driving Licenses) Regulations - S.L. 65.18. Click here for English Version, or Maltese Version

Click here to view the Driving Offences Codes and Their Respective Penalty Points Table

Page last updated: 29/09/2023