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Road Safety - colouring posters

While school is out and young students are at home, Transport Malta has prepared some road safety material for them. The parents can download a series of eight posters for the kids to colour them in.

Each poster has a road safety message. A simple message to help pedestrians be safer on the road. The material could also help teachers use the material to broach the topic of road safety in their sessions.

Transport Malta chose the following topics and created these posters. Each can be downloaded in outline format for the kids to colour them in.


Download the posters in Maltese for printing and colouring here

Download the posters in English for printing and colouring here

Traffic lights


  • Red means ‘stop’.
  • Green means ‘go’, but remain cautious, 
  • orange means the light will change soon!

Crossing the road


  • Look at both sides of the road
  • If any vehicles are approaching, wait for them to pass
  • Make eye contact with the driver
  • Never cross between parked vehicles

On a road


  • Don’t run, walk slowly
  • Hold the hands of your parents or guardians
  • Be patient
  • Stay safe

Side walks and pedestrian crossings


  • Always walk on the sidewalks, even when the road is empty.
  • Pedestrian crossings are safe crossways, use them.

Don’t multitask while walking on roads


  • Do not use your mobile while walking or crossing the road
  • Pay attention to drive-ins and garages from where vehicles can come in/out
  • If you see someone you know across the road, only cross the road with care and where appropriate

Riding bicycles


  • Wear a helmet
  • Check the brakes, the lights and the bell, often
  • Watch for vehicles at all times
  • Ride safely

In a car


  • Don’t put your hands, or head, outside through the window
  • Always wear a seat belt
  • Remain seated, at all times

Getting in and out of vehicles


  • Be punctual so you don’t have to rush
  • Don’t run behind moving vehicles
  • Be alert on the road
  • When boarding or alighting a bus, stand in the queue and wait for your turn
  • Get on/off from the vehicle onto the kerb
  • Look at both sides before opening the door. 
  • Check for any approaching vehicle