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Commercial Yacht Code


The Commercial Yacht Code was developed in line with international regulations and other industry standards and caters for yachts of 15 metres in overall length and that do not carry cargo and do not carry more than 12 passengers. Over the years the Code has been proving very successful with leading IACS recognised Classification Societies and major yacht builders. The Code was developed in such a way to facilitate it’s use by surveyors as well as non-technical personnel involved in the day to day management of yachts and superyachts.

An initial survey is required to draw up records of compliance with the code. Alternative arrangements may be discussed between the surveyor and the Administration through a transparent and recorded procedure. Upon complying with the Code, the Administration issues a Certificate of Compliance to Trade as a Commercial Yacht enabling operational registration. Compliance surveys may be carried out by one of the appointed ship surveyors or by a recognised organisation.

All yachts below 24 metres in length have to undergo an intermediate survey whilst yachts larger or equal to 24 meters in length have to undergo annual surveys.

The Certificate of Compliance is renewable every five years and surveys may be carried out by an Appointed Ship Surveyors or by a Recognised Organisation,

During a renewal survey a survey similar to the one carried out during initial survey must be carried out.