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Yachting in Malta

Yachting in Malta

Malta’s popularity as a yachting destination is reflected in the continuous extension of our yacht marinas. Hundreds of yacht owners, find our weather, our strategic position and our facilities favorable.

Malta’s strategic position in the centre of the Mediterranean with one of the world’s most beautiful natural harbours, accessible to all over Europe through scheduled flights, makes it a natural choice for yachtsmen from near and far away countries.

Our maritime vacation, our repair facilities, excellent slipways and dry docks combine to turn Malta into a home port for yachts. Malta already offers super yacht berths at the Grand Harbour Marina and at Manoel Island Marina. Through the provision of other berths we are destined to become one of the largest superyacht marinas in the world.


Malta’s climate is a typical Mediterranean one that is much influenced by its surrounding sea and land. The monthly mean air temperature ranges from 12.4°C (during the winter period) to 26.3°C (during the summer period).

The annual pattern of the rainy winters is followed by the dry, generally rainless summers. Rainfall patterns show that the average total rainfall of the Maltese Island is 553.12 mm. The summer period between June and August represents barely 2% of the total rainfall. The period October-December amounts to almost 51% of the total annual precipitation, followed by the periods January till March and April till September, representing 35% and 14% of the total precipitation respectively.

The mean annual wind speed is 8.8 knots (or nautical mile per hour) or 16.3 km/hr. However, there is considerable variation in the monthly averages. January shows both the highest wind speed of 14.4 knots or 26.1 km/hr, as well as the highest variability in mean monthly wind speed. However, April shows the highest mean wind speed of 10.3 knots (or 19.1 km/hr).

As for the incidence of peak gusts, January gives the highest mean wind gust with a speed of 47 knots or 87 km/hr. The highest variability in wind gusts occurs during October where the wind gust can vary from 24 knots (or 44.5 km/hr) up to 72 knots (or 133.4 km/hr).
The wind climatology of the Maltese island shows that both March and December have the highest frequency of gale force winds with a total of days, while the lowest frequency occurs during the summer month of July with a total of days.

The most common wind in all seasons is the North Westerly which blows on an average of around 20.7% of the days in a year. Next in frequency are winds blowing from the West.

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