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Bareboat Charter Registration

Maltese law provides both for bareboat charter registration of foreign ships under the Malta flag and also for the bareboat charter registration of Maltese ships under a foreign flag.

The main principles adopted at law are, the compatibility of the two registries and, that matters regarding title over the ship, mortgages and encumbrances are governed by the underlying registry, while the operation of the vessel falls under jurisdiction of the bareboat charter registry.

Within these parameters ships bareboat charter registered in Malta enjoy the same rights and privileges, and have the same obligations, as any other ship registered in Malta.

A bareboat charter registration shall be for the duration of the bareboat charter or until the expiry date of the underlying registration, whichever is the shorter, but in no case for a period exceeding two years. Registration may be extended.

The requirements and registration procedure for bareboat charter registration in Malta are similar to a normal registration, except that:

  • Ship is bareboat chartered to a body corporate, entity or such other person qualified to own a Maltese ship;
  • Ship is not a Maltese ship, and is registered in a compatible registry;
  • Ship is not registered in another bareboat registry;
    • Following documents need to be produced:
    • application for registration by the charterer or an authorised representative;
    • declaration of bareboat charter accompanied by the charter agreement;
    • transcript or an extract of the underlying registration;
    • copy of the ship’s International Tonnage Certificate;
    • consent in writing of the underlying registry, owners and mortgagees.

Registration fees and annual tonnage tax for bareboat charter registration are the same as those applicable for normal registration


Application for Bareboat Charter Registration Form