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Port of Marsaxlokk

The Port of Marsaxlokk

The Port of Marsaxlokk indents the East coast of Malta between Ponta ta’ Delimara and Il- Ponta ta’ Bengħajsa, about 1 mile SW.

The Port of Marsaxlokk has the following berthing facilities:

  • Malta Freeport Terminals
  • Evos Malta
  • Delimara Power Station
  • MX Dolphins
  • 31st March Installations

Fishing Port

Marsaxlokk is the major base port for 70% of the Maltese fishing fleet. It is the largest fishing port of the island’s main fishing harbour of Malta. It is the best place to see the colourful, traditional Maltese fishing boats, the Luzzu, with the mythical eye painted on their prows.

Malta Freeport

Malta Freeport Terminals is a fully fledged state-of-the-art container terminal with over 30 years’ experience in the shipping industry. It has established a reputation among global carriers as a reliable, efficient, and strategic transhipment port. Malta Freeport was privatised in 2004 and now enjoys trustworthy and experienced shareholders providing solid foundation for further growth. Today Malta Freeport Terminals is jointly owned by Terminal Link holding a fifty percent (50%) shareholding in Malta Freeport Terminals with the other fifty percent (50%) being held by Yilport Holding Inc. The shareholders of Terminal Link are CMA CGM (51%) and China Merchants Port Holdings Company Limited (49%). Malta Freeport Terminals believes that investment is key to growth and is presently reaping the rewards of an ambitious over €320 million investment programme embarked upon since privatisation in infrastructure, equipment, digitalisation, and personnel development – creating a more efficient and environmentally-friendly terminal.

Malta Freeport Terminals is presently well poised to efficiently handle the business of the shipping lines that have chosen it as their Mediterranean hub offering total operational deep water quays of 2,463 metres, a total area for container storage of 771,000 square metres, an operational yard capacity of 45,000 TEUs and 2,180 reefer slots. All the mainline berths at Malta Freeport have a water depth of 17 metres and are equipped with 20 Quayside Cranes, 60 Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes, and various ancillary yard equipment. Malta Freeport’s current capacity is of 3.6 million TEUs which will be further increaed to 4.0 million TEUs in the coming period with the Terminal Two expansion project.

More information can be found here.

Evos Malta

Evos Malta Ltd. forms part of the Evos Group, an international independent energy storage company. Evos operates a network of premium tank terminals with a combined storage capacity of 6.2 million m3. Evos facilitates critical logistic connections within the energy supply chain and builds strong and lasting relationships by delivering flexible and sustainable solutions for its business partners. Evos follows a philosophy of continuous improvement enabling it among the best in class with regards to HSSE and service performance. Evos operates 8 terminals, located in the Netherlands (Amsterdam (2x), Rotterdam, Terneuzen), Germany (Hamburg), Belgium (Ghent), Spain (Algeciras) and Malta.

Evos Malta offers an excellent service portfolio and resultant competitive advantages to its customers. It is centrally located in the Mediterranean and close to the main international shipping lanes between Europe, Africa and the Middle East, the Pacific Rim and the U.S.

Since its start of operations in 1992, the terminal in Malta has been growing steadily, both in size, as well in operations. Its unique location and operational features make Evos Malta the preferred storage and logistics partner for its customers in the Central Mediterranean.

The terminal is ideally positioned to service the local and international bunkering industry, making bulk for long-haul destinations and breaking bulk for local Mediterranean ports.

Evos Malta also offers blending/treatment services and operates under rigorous international quality and safety standards through its highly qualified and trained personnel.

Evos Malta is committed to environmental sustainability and the protection of the environment in which it operates. Evos Malta is a socially responsible entity and supports several programs within the local community with a particular focus on the environment and youth education.

More information can be found here.

Enemalta Petroleum Facilities

The following Terminals are operated by Enemalta Corporation:

Delimara Power Station

Electricity in the Maltese Islands is generated solely by the burning of fuel oil at the two power stations in Marsa and Delimara. The Delimara Power Station has a total generation capacity of 304 MW and has a quay length of 370m with a depth of 9m.

Has Saptan Fuelling Dolphin

Has Saptan Fuelling Dolphin provides storage for local cargo in its underground installation. The installation’s capacity is over 150,000 tonnes of clean petroleum products, namely gasoil and jetA1. Mooring buoys are lain NNE and SSW from the dolphin.

31 March Installations

The quay length is 120m and extends SSE from a low promontory on the N side of Il-Bajja ta’ Birzebbugia. The mooring buoys lie on each side of this pier and Ellis Rock light buoy (S cardinal) is moored close to a rock of the name. The purpose of the 31st March Installation is for handling white products Light Fuel Oils.

More information can be found here.