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Port of Marsaxlokk

The Port of Marsaxlokk

The Port of Marsaxlokk indents the East coast of Malta between Ponta ta’ Delimara and Il- Ponta ta’ Bengħajsa, about 1 mile SW.

The Port of Marsaxlokk has the following berthing facilities:

  • Malta Freeport Terminals
  • Oiltanking
  • Delimara Power Station
  • MX Dolphins
  • 31st March Installations

Fishing Port

Marsaxlokk is the major base port for 70% of the Maltese fishing fleet. It is the largest fishing port of the island’s main fishing harbour of Malta. It is the best place to see the colourful, traditional Maltese fishing boats, the Luzzu, with the mythical eye painted on their prows.

Malta Freeport

Since operations began in 1988, Malta Freeport has established itself as a major maritime transshipment logistic centre in the Mediterranean presently ranking with the key players in the region. Malta Freeport Terminals Limited amalgamates the activities of container handling and industrial storage and is renowned for its business culture, the relative absence of red tape and its ability to adapt quickly to changing trade patterns. To operate and further develop Malta Freeport Terminals, the Government of Malta awarded CMA CGM a 30-year concession in October 2004. Furthermore, in February 2008 CMA CGM was granted an extension of the concession for Malta Freeport Terminals from 30 years to 65 years.

The Freeport now offers a total operational quay length of 2km, a total area for container storage of 650,000 square metres and a total of 14,040 container ground slots.

More information can be found here.

Oil Tanking

Oiltanking Malta Limited, is a subsidiary of Oiltanking Gmbh one of the largest independent tank storage providers for petroleum products world-wide, operating 73 terminals in 21 countries with an overall capacity of 12 million cbm.

The storage facilities operated by Oiltanking Malta Limited are organized in four tank farms providing a total built capacity of 535,000 cubic meters. The facility is served by four jetties operated exclusively by Oiltanking Malta Limited with a capacity to handle vessels up to 120,000 dwt with a maximum of draft of 16.9 meters.

Cargoes handled include crude oil, fuel oil, feedstocks, gas oil, jet fuel, gasoline and components. Special services include blending, butanising, injection of additives, tank-to-tank transfers and ship-to-ship operations.

More information can be found here.

Enemalta Petroleum Facilities

The following Terminals are operated by Enemalta Corporation:

Delimara Power Station

Electricity in the Maltese Islands is generated solely by the burning of fuel oil at the two power stations in Marsa and Delimara. The Delimara Power Station has a total generation capacity of 304 MW and has a quay length of 370m with a depth of 9m.

Has Saptan Fuelling Dolphin

Has Saptan Fuelling Dolphin provides storage for local cargo in its underground installation. The installation’s capacity is over 150,000 tonnes of clean petroleum products, namely gasoil and jetA1. Mooring buoys are lain NNE and SSW from the dolphin.

31 March Installations

The quay length is 120m and extends SSE from a low promontory on the N side of Il-Bajja ta’ Birzebbugia. The mooring buoys lie on each side of this pier and Ellis Rock light buoy (S cardinal) is moored close to a rock of the name. The purpose of the 31st March Installation is for handling white products Light Fuel Oils.

More information can be found here.