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Port Security Committees


This Inter-Ministerial Committee is established between the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure. Amongst other duties, the Committee shall advice the designated authority and the competent authorities on the development, maintenance and promotion of an effective system of maritime security (seaports, ships and related matters) pertaining to all relevant security regulations and directives.

The Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure shall appoint the NMSC with the following members:

Minister for Maritime Transport (Chairman)
Permanent Secretary (Vice Chairman)
Commissioner of Police
Commander of Armed Forces of Malta
Comptroller of Customs
Authority Officials
Director of Civil Protection (Fire & Rescue)

Prof. David Attard
Director Maritime Security Compliance - Port Security Officer (Ports of Malta and Gozo)
Telephone Number: +356 2291 4561
Email Address:

Port Security Officer’s office
PSO Ofice General Email:


Port Security Working Groups

There are currently two working groups established for each area that has port facilities within its boundaries, that is the Port of Valletta, the Port of Marsaxlokk and the Port of Mġarr (Gozo).

Members consist of representatives from the following groups:

Transport Malta (PSO)
Port Facility Security Officers (PFSO)
Local Police / Immigration (Representative)
Armed Forces of Malta
Customs (Representative)
Port Workers (PSPSO)
Ship / Cargo Agents (Representtive)
Tugs, pilots, mooring men (PSPSO)

The coordinator for these two Committees is Prof. David Attard.