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 In terms of the Authority for Transport in Malta Act (Cap 499), the Authority for Transport in Malta shall exercise overall control for the preservation of good order in the territorial and inland waters of Malta; and provide, operate and maintain in ports and in port approaches adequate and efficient services and facilities for the proper, safe and efficient functioning of such ports. In pursuance to these functions, Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) in terms of the Vessel Traffic Monitoring and Reporting Requirements Regulations (S.L. 499.34) have been established.

Transport Malta (TM) as the National Competent Authority provides a Vessel Traffic Service which monitors the movement of participating vessels within the territorial water of Malta.

Valletta VTS:                                    VHF Channel 12
Marsaxlokk VTS:                             VHF Channel 14
Mgarr Local Port Service (LPS):    VHF Channel 10

All vessels within Maltese territorial waters navigating or at anchor or secured at berth, shall at all times maintain a listening watch on VHF channel 12, 14 or 10 respectively.

The objective of VTS is to:
• Aid the mariner in the safe and efficient use of navigable waters within territorial waters;
• Communicate timely and important information to vessels participating in the monitoring programme to support their on-board decision making process;
• Assist in providing a harmonious interface between recreational and commercial shipping; and
• Provide an effective communications base for the response to any safety or pollution incident.
The purpose of the VTS is to contribute to safety of life at sea, safety and efficiency of navigation and the protection of the environment within the VTS area by mitigating the development of unsafe situations through:
• Provision of timely and relevant information on factors that may influence the ship’s movements and assist onboard decision making;
• Monitoring and management of ship traffic to ensure the safety and efficiency of ship movements; and
• Responding to developing unsafe situations.
The VTS provides a continuous service to manage the movement of participating vessels within territorial waters.

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