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Maritime Security

Focal Point

The focal point for Maritime Security is the Permanent Secretary - Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Public Works. The focal point has appointed a coordinator for Maritime Security Compliance,

Coordinator National Maritime Security Compliance Monitoring

The Coordinator and his office are the link between the Focal Point and the Designated Authority and all other Maritime Authorities.

The Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Public Works is the Minsitry responsible for shipping and ports. The duties and functions of this focal point are to serve as a contact point for Malta and other states and to facilitate, follow up and inform on the application of the maritime security measures laid down in these regulations.

Appointment of Designated Authority

The Maltese Designated Authority for the Contracting Government is the Authority for Transport in Malta. The Office of the Port Security which will act as the focal point for the Authority. The Coordinator for the National Maritime Security (Compliance) Monitoring is Prof. David Attard (see contact details below).

Duties of Designated Authority

Amongst other duties, the authority shall ensure that with respect to each port facility within the ports and territorial limits of Malta, port facility security assessments are carried out, reviewed and approved; and port facility security plans are developed, implemented,, maintained and approved.

Maritime Security Compliance Monitoring Unit

This Unit is responsible for the compliance monitoring of port facilities Ports and National Administration regarding ISPS Code, implementation and EU Regulations and Directives on Port Security. Communication is effected by faxes, emails, local phones and mobile phones.


Maritime Security Compliance & Monitoring Department

Prof. David Attard
Tel: +356 2555 5512
Mob: +356 7943 4320

Port Security Officer (PSO) for all Ports in Malta and Gozo - Port Security Officer PYD

Prof. David Attard
Tel: +356 2555 5512
Mob: +356 7943 4320

Office of the Port Security Officer:

PSO Office General Email:
PSO 24/7 Phone Support: +356 9975 7220
Ports & Port Facilities Cyber Security Notifications: +356 9975 7220

For Ships

Merchant Shipping Directorate
Malta Transport Centre

Mr. Ray Aquilina
Tel: +356 2125 0360
Mobile No: +356 9943 4318
Fax: +356 21241 1460

For Ports

Prof. David Attard
Tel: +356 2555 5512
Mob: +356 7943 4320